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LOS ANGELES Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Sale , July 24 (Xinhua) -- U.S. space agency NASA on Friday released the newest discoveries from New Horizons mission, which reveal distant Pluto as an icy world of wonders.

New images returned from New Horizons spacecraft are unveiling the newest discoveries, including a surprising extended haze and flowing ice.

"With flowing ices, exotic surface chemistry, mountain ranges, and vast haze Cheap Nike Air Max 2017 Sale , Pluto is showing a diversity of planetary geology that is truly thrilling," said John Grunsfeld, NASA's associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate.

According to NASA, just seven hours after Pluto flyby at the closest approach, New Horizons aimed its Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) back at the dwarf planet, capturing sunlight streaming through the atmosphere and revealing hazes as high as 130 km above Pluto's surface.

A preliminary analysis of the image shows two distinct layers of haze Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Sale , one about 80 km above the surface and the other at an altitude of about 50 km.

Scientists previously had calculated temperatures would be too warm for hazes to form at altitudes higher than 30 km above Pluto's surface.

"The hazes detected in this image are a key element in creating the complex hydrocarbon compounds that give Pluto's surface its reddish hue," New Horizons co-investigator Michael Summers said in a statement.

Scientists also found evidence of exotic ices flowing across Pluto's surface in close-up images and revealing signs of recent geologic activity, something they hoped to find but didn't expect.

The new close-up images show fascinating details within the plain, informally named Sputnik Planum, that lies within the western half of Pluto's heart-shaped region, known as Tombaugh Regio. There Cheap Nike Air Max Sale , a sheet of ice clearly appears to have flowed, and may still be flowing, in a manner similar to glaciers on Earth.

Temperatures on Pluto are minus 229 degrees Celsius, and so water ice would not move anywhere in such extreme cold. But scientists said the nitrogen and other ices believed to be on Pluto would be geologically soft and therefore able to flow like glaciers on Earth.

"We've only seen surfaces like this on active worlds like Earth and Mars," said mission co-investigator John Spencer. "I'm really smiling."

NASA is expecting more data after August. "We knew that a mission to Pluto would bring some surprises, and now -- 10 days after closest approach -- we can say that our expectation has been more than surpassed Cheap Air Max 1 Sale ," Grunsfeld said.

TOKYO, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday appointed veteran allies close to him to key roles within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to help bolster historically low public support rates, while balancing factional influences within the party.

The support rate for Abe's cabinet, which will itself be reshuffled later today, has dropped to historic lows of late amid a string of high-profile scandals involving Abe and senior LDP party members.

Abe's new executive lineup has, while maintaining his coterie Cheap Air Max 2017 Sale , purportedly added much-needed experience and is ostensibly stable, sources close to the matter have said.

Fumio Kishida, widely believed to be a front-runner to take charge of the ruling party in the future, will chair the party's Policy Research Council having served as Foreign Minister.

Kishida had reportedly told Abe he wanted the senior party post, with sources adding that the experience he will gain from his new position will serve him well in a leadership push in the future.

Masahiko Komura has been retained as vice president and Toshihiro Nikai as secretary general so as to ensure continuity in the party's top echelons.

Such continuity is in a bid to show a united footing when the administration has been publicly criticized as being in scandal-mired disarray, the sources said.

Komura has the ear of a number of the LDP faction's movers-and-shakers and is known to bring lawmakers with disparate opinions over contentious issues together.

This has and will continue to be a boon for Abe who still plans to revise Japan's pacifist Constitution Cheap Air Max 2018 Sale , which remains a highly contentious and divisive issue both in politics and society here.

Since assuming the post of secretary general last year, Nikai, for his part, has been a staunch advocate of Abe and has made no secret of his unwavering support for the prime minister.

He also has the ear of the LDP's junior Komeito coalition ally, which will be essential for Abe ahead of and during the next general election, sources close to the matter said.

LDP Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Wataru Takeshita will now serve as head of the party's decision-making General Council and Hiroshi Moriyama Cheap Air Max Sale , former agriculture minister, will assume Takeshita's former position in the Diet Affairs Committee.

Former education minister Ryu Shionoya, meanwhile, will chair the party's Election Strategy Committee.

Of note in the selection of his new executive lineup, is the fact that Abe has assigned roles to appease all major LDP party factions.

He has achieved this by appointing the top roles to their members, with each of the five top factions now being represented by either the vice president or the four next most important posts Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Outlet , political watchers pointed out Thursday.

Abe's top executive lineup, likely in contrast to his cabinet to be announced later today, still contains no female leaders, however.

This has been the case during Abe's tenure and in contradiction to his own "womenomics" policy of ensuring patriarchal Japan would reverse by-gone traditions and elevate women to positions of power both in politics and business.

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