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BEIJING Victor Mete Jersey , March 2 (Xinhua) -- A new property registration regulation has allowed Chinese authorities to begin collecting ownership data on a unified platform, a move intended to strengthen protection of ownership and also shed light on corrupt officials' illicit assets.

The provisional regulation to register properties ranging from buildings, forests to maritime areas and rural homesteads was announced by China's cabinet in December to meet the requirements of the country's Property Law passed in 2007.

Entering effect on Sunday, the regulation stipulates that property be registered to create a nationwide database accessible during property transactions and among government agencies.

Analysts say the new registration scheme, led by the country's land and resource authorities Paul Byron Jersey , will address problems such as duplicate or wrongful registration by government agencies and transaction risks resulting from a fragmented, uncoordinated registration system.

The decision to register properties has stirred discussion about its impact on China's property market, which has seen prices and sales volumes weakening over the last year.

Chinese real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi, chairman of the Hong Kong-listed property firm SOHO China, said last year that the registration system will increase home supply on the market and drive down prices.

The data acquired through registration will also provide the government with a more reliable reference for designing a property taxation scheme in coming years Mike Reilly Jersey , which many analysts believe will add to the cost of holding assets and precipitate sale of homes previously bought as investments rather than for living.

However, property brokers in major Chinese cities said so far they haven't seen existing homes being added to the market in great numbers, though some owners who put their apartments up for sale have become more willing to budge on price given expectation that home supply will ease based on future policies.

"The new registration rule doesn't change the fact that home prices are determined by the changing dynamics of supply and demand," said Zhao Xiuchi, a real estate academic with Beijing's Capital University of Economics and Business.

The other major goal of the scheme is to make it harder for corrupt officials to illicitly own multiple homes.

If ownership data is better managed and shared with government watchdogs Jeff Petry Jersey , it will be easier to pin down questionable assets in the open-ended campaign to root out corrupt officials, said Han Changyin, a professor with KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

A lack of ownership data and information sharing has created loopholes for corrupt officials to game the system and hide illicit properties.

"If sellers' ownership information becomes accessible, it will make life much harder for those with questionable assets," said a sales manager at a Beijing-based real estate broker.

Logo of Wechat

BEIJING Phillip Danault Jersey , Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of accounts on leading instant messaging platform WeChat have been shut down or disabled by its parent company, Tencent, in the wake of increased government regulation of such services.

The clean-up, targeting mass-publication accounts as opposed to those used for personal communications, cracked down on accounts masquerading as those of public organizations and media groups Karl Alzner Jersey , as well as accounts spreading rumors and content that is lewd, pornographic or violent

Other reasons for the accounts being punished included publication of illegal advertisements, disturbing ethnic unity, committing libel and violating privacy, according to a statement released on Friday by the State Internet Information Office Jonathan Drouin Hockey Jersey , citing Tencent.

As of Aug. 25, 46 mass-publication accounts had been permanently shut down, and another 311 disabled, with suspension durations ranging from seven to 90 days.

The statement cited "Zhejiang Xinwen (Zhejiang News)," an account closed for routinely releasing false news stories in the name of the sole provincial-level news account in east China's Zhejiang Province authorized by the State Council.

Tencent's swoop followed a regulation issued earlier this month stipulating that non-media instant messaging accounts must be certified by service providers and put on record by administrative authorities in order to release or re-post news stories.

The rules urged users to vouch for the authenticity of the information provided Carey Price Hockey Jersey , abide by the law and uphold national interests, public order, the rights of other citizens, social morality and the socialist system.

Friday's notice described the accounts in question as "the first batch," hinting that more will be identified and punished.

More than 800 million people use instant messengers in China Shea Weber Hockey Jersey , sending more than 20 billion pieces of information every day.

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