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It seems that the latest trends in wedding invitation design is nature. Weddings planned for this year are very nature inspired, and incredibly personalized. Throughout the ceremony, reception Tom Glavine Jersey , and even in the honeymoons, couples are making changes to traditions to make their own statements.

The invitations are typically your guests first impression of your wedding. Your wedding invitations will truly set the tone for the overall event. One of the more popular trends is the use of elegant and stylish letterpress invitations. Using letterpress wedding invitations with an organic or floral touch is one of the best ways to stay in line with the natural inspiration. These natural cotton letterpress invitations and letterpress cards are commonly seen in paper lace envelopes and European calligraphy.

Color schemes to look for are bold and the bright this year. Depending on the time of year the wedding will take place, there are several different color options. Red dresses are an increasingly popular option for Spring and Fall weddings. Don't be afraid to further your statement with a stamp of color!

Decorations on wedding cakes are becoming increasingly ornate, with an earthy, vintage design. The most popular cakes also feature sparkle and glitter Phil Niekro Jersey , and hand painted designs are not uncommon.

Attire is becoming sassy. If you liked the prom dresses and cake topper look of 2009, you are going to be disappointed to learn that this look is entirely out for 2010 and beyond. Now sleek and elegant designs have taken the stage, and though there is still embellishment, there's just the right touch to set the dress apart from all others.

As far as bridal attire when it comes to the hair and makeup we see most brides and their wedding parties wear, we see a lot of natural tones Orlando Cepeda Jersey , very soft, and very personalized. Every look comes from the bride's personality and dress choice.

Dancing has really gotten much attention thanks to popular tv series. Think you can get away with just dancing however you want? While this used to be the way dancing at weddings was handled, nowadays, the bride, groom Deion Sanders Jersey , and entire wedding party are taking private dance lessons. These lessons help to provide all those involved with the skills and self confidence they need to enjoy their first dance together.

As usual, when it comes to the flowers, the possibilities are nearly endless, but we know there needs to be a lot of them. When deciding on the arrangements for the wedding party bouquets, the decorations David Justice Jersey , the centerpieces and more, consider mixing bold flower choices with more traditional flower choices that match your season and color scheme.

After you've selected your dress, booked your dance lessons, and picked out your floral arrangements, you will need to choose an invitation printer. Not all letterpress wedding invitations are created equally Chipper Jones Jersey , so it is important you use one you know can produce a high quality product on a reasonable budget. If you are going eco-friendly, with letterpress invitations, you have the option to use soy based inks, which produces less toxic chemicals, and a reclaimed cotton paper thereby saving our trees. This way you are doing your part for the environment Bob Uecker Jersey , sticking to the nature inspired wedding, and giving your guests something beautiful to commemorate the wedding.

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Here are more inspiring new designs of wedding invitation designs. Browse here to see another wedding invitation design.

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