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Also known as switchblades Chase Edmonds Jersey , automatic folding knives are uniquely designed to be operated with one hand. The blade can be activated by a single touch on a button, lever or switch located on the knife handle or bolster. A spring inside the handle is the mechanism that propels the blade to its fully extended position. The knife is therefore ready to be used instantly.

A Knife With European Origins

European craftsmen fashioned the first-known example of a spring-loaded blade. They created an automatic folding spike bayonet, which was used on flintlock pistols. With the advent of mass production, folding knives could be manufactured in large numbers. By 1890, knife manufacturers were spreading the word about their wares through newspaper ads and mail order catalogs. Affordable automatic folding knives were being made available to the public through these means. Click here to learn more.

Regulated by Congress and Individual States

Under the Switchblade Knife Act of 1958 Mason Cole Jersey , automatic folding knives are illegal to import or to purchase by way of interstate commerce. However, the act does not apply to assisted opening knives. These require theapplication of manual pressure to a thumb stud or flipper to open the blade part way before an internal torsion spring kicks in to open the blade to a fully extended position. Given that there are other types of knives that can also be opened with one hand, knife rights advocacy groups have come to the defense of the switchblade. As a result, several states have repealed laws prohibiting the purchase and possession of these automatic folding knives. If you are interested in owning one, or starting a collection Markus Golden Cardinals Jersey , you might first check the laws that exist in your particular state.

The Contribution of George Schrade

In 1892, a toolmaker and machinist by the name of George Schrade patented the first of many automatic knife designs. A year later, he founded the New York Press Button Knife Company and began manufacturing his switchblade knife pattern, which featured a release button placed in the knife’s bolster (the band that joins the blade to the handle). Most of his patterns were automatic versions of jackknives, pocket knives and pen knives.

Making Strong Blades and Comfortable Handles

Today D.J. Humphries Cardinals Jersey , high carbon stainless steel is a common material for making strong blades without extra weight. Blades can also be made of steel, which can be forged or stamped, as well as iron, copper, bronze and titanium. Handles should fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. Wood is a traditional choice for handles T. J. Logan Cardinals Jersey , but gaining in popularity are stainless steel and certain composite materials, which provide a good grip with no warping issues.

Used for Many Purposes

Switchblade advertising campaigns of George Schrade’s time appealed mainly to younger buyers who were interested in owning the latest tools on the market. These buyers included ranchers, farmers, hunters or outdoorsmen who valued a compact knife they could keep in their pockets, but that were always action-ready. The same is true today. Additionally Chad Williams Cardinals Jersey , <"http:www.artipotarticles1949550the-difference-of-kershaw-knives.htm" title="Automatic Folding Knives">Automatic Folding Knives
that can be opened with one hand have long been used by military and emergency personnel.
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